United Sensor stainless steel Pitot - Static probes sense total and static pressures at the same point in a moving fluid. These measurements are often sufficient for calculating flow velocity and weight flow rate if the density is known. As a fluid's density is often a function of its temperature, it may be necessary to measure temperature in addition to velocity pressure. Pitot - Static probes may standardly be equipped with a thermocouple for simultaneous temperature measurements at the same point in the fluid stream as pressure measurements. (See Combination Pitot - Static and Temperature Probes)

The shape of the probe measuring tip determines the sensitivity of the Pitot - Static probe to flow angularity (yaw and pitch angle error) caused by flow not parallel to the head. The length of the head governs sensitivity to Mach Number errors; the longer the head, the more accurate the reading over a wide flow range. The two most popular designs for aerodynamic measurements are

the modified Prandtl type with a head 14 probe diameters long and the NPL with a head 24 diameters long. There is very little difference in calibration of the two designs, and because the Prandtl type is more compact, it is more generally used. United Sensor Pitot - Static probes are of the modified Prandtl type.

How to Order:
To order standard Pitot - Static probes, select the probe Type (e.g. Type PA, PB, etc.) best matching your application requirements. Then order from the specification chart the ordering Part Number (e.g. PAA-8-KL), which covers the exact specifications shown.

To order non-standard probes (e.g. special lengths, configurations, constructions) consult United Sensor.

Calibration Services

United Sensor Corporation has two wind tunnels available for which to perform probe calibrations. More…

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